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Our Submission

Read Colwell Group's Submission Here (PDF) - Word Version

The purpose of this webpage is to provide information of Chatswood Golf Club redevelopment that includes 106 new units in the end of Beaconsfield Road. Orignial council notification & Development Overview - DA 2020-117.

We support the Development in principle but are concerned by the scale and the environmental effect. Read our residents flyer

Back in 2016 the original golf club proposal was to construct 60-80 apartments. This was then increased to be 106 x Apartments (2 & 3 bedrooms). The documentation provided to obtain the Site Compatibility Certificate (SCC) proposed the removal of 28 trees. Now the DA documentation show this has increased ten-fold to be 255 major trees that are deemed to be removed. Some of these trees are hollow and provide habitat for indigenous animal species. A number of other trees will have their canopy reduced. This will affect the birds and wildlife that cross daily to and from Ferndale Forest.

The proposed development will significantly impact on not only the vehicle trips in Beaconsfield Rd. but also on local traffic passing capability on a constricted dead-end road which already suffers difficulty for passing buses and trucks that use the road. With larger groups at the Club, eg wedding receptions, and elderly residents, evacuation in case of fire such as bushfires is pertinent. Widening is expensive so there is a strong possibility parking on one or both sides will be prohibited.

The impact of construction will be significant on adjoining neighbours and we wish to thoroughly understand truck movements, contractor parking arrangements, waste management, traffic management and noise impact. We wish to scrutinise the provision for emergency vehicle access and local traffic evacuation measures proposed in relation to Beaconsfield Rd being a no-through road and the only point of access to the precinct. CGC SCC - Willoughby Council Comments - 18 August 2017

Voice your opinion to council by 30 June 2020

For residents of Beaconsfield Rd and the streets coming off it, submit by 15 July 2020

Subject: Chatswood Golf Club - Development Application DA-2020/117

Bulk, Scale and Views

  • In 2016 started as a 60-80 unit development
  • Now has escalated to 106 units
  • The height (5 storeys) and length of the Unit Blocks have both increased bordering on E4 (environmentally protected land)
  • Likely to be an eyesore to many of the surrounding neighbours, on all sides of the golf course and block the view of those houses bordering the course on the east side
  • Clubhouse has 4 levels and is higher than the units. Are so many facilities, such as swimming pools and gymnasiums all viable? Why is the roof so high (upward sweeping). Just another eyesore and blocks views even further
Trees and Wildlife
  • When the Site Compatibility Certificate was obtained, 28 trees were to be removed
  • The Development Application has requested the removal of 255 trees, many of which are highly developed. Also included are a number of hollow trees that provide habitat for indigenous animal species which may now disappear due to the development
  • A number of other trees will also have their canopy cut back.
  • The removal of all these trees will affect the birds that cross daily to and from Ferndale Forest
Traffic, Access and Parking
  • Beaconsfield Rd is the only access to the Golf Club
  • Traffic will increase due to an increased number of users of the Golf Club and its other facilities
  • With 106 additional units (residents will be over 55) this will also increase traffic
  • There will be traffic peaks when there are events on such as wedding receptions and golf tournaments
  • A Bushfire Report has not yet been obtained. The narrowness of Beaconsfield Rd would cause considerable problems in case of fire. If there was an evacuation then how would fire engines obtain access at the same time?
  • Currently buses and trucks have difficulty going along Beaconsfield Rd due to park cars on both sides
  • Road widening is expensive
  • Strong possibility that parking would be prohibited on one side or both
Construction Management
  • Mooney St will be used for access by workers and contractors
  • Beaconsfield Rd will be used for trucks removing debris from digging the foundations. About 70,000 ton is expected to be excavated. Some of this will be used as land fill on site but some will be removed by truck
  • The noise will be considerable during construction and there is no clear requirement for this to be monitored. Working hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm, and Sat 7am to 1.30pm. There needs to be sound monitoring equipment installed during construction
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